record cleaning brush, classic

Record cleaning brush, classic
This product is manually made of fine Chinese natural goat hair* or a certain horse hair. The special feature is the handling. The Vinylbrush | record brush has a length of 16 cm, so that the records can be cleaned in one go before playing. The goat hair record brush is antistatic and due to its structure the ideal dust collector.

The hairs of the horsehair brush are stronger and less sensitive and are preferred for wet cleaning. Thanks to the very soft stable hairs, dirt particles / solid dust from the eille can be effectively loosened and whirled up. The horsehair retains its stability when applying the cleaning liquid on various record washing machines (eg Loricraft, Okki Nokki and Pro-Ject).

The handle is available in technical black plastic or subfossil bog oak**. The age of the bog oak is between 800-10,000 years. In addition to the noble feel, it is also, as with the technical plastic water resistant and can be offered in either horse hair for wet cleaning or Chinese natural goat hair for dry cleaning.

Available in the versions:
– classic (technical plastic handle)
– exclusive (subfossil bog oak handle)

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