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Editors‘ Choice Awards 2020, USA


In the American hifi magazine „The Absolute Sound“, our handmade exclusive record cleaning brushes received the Editors‘ Choice Award.
Here is the link to the product: record cleaning brush




The 16th Annual Positive Feedback Writers‘ Choice Awards for 2019

….Everything Levin creates looks like it’s right out of the Museum of Modern Art’s gift shop. I’m a sucker for beautiful design so that’s a good thing!

The Levin Design Sandwich Vinyl Mat does everything a best in class turntable mat should do and it does it with a lot of style! ….in my opinion as with all as with all things Levin its well worth it! It’s my new reference.

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Meilleur achat 2019, France

The French special interest magazine Haute-Fidélité awarded our sandwich vinyl mat with the label „Meilleur agat |
Buy recommendation of the month“.

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Buyer Guide 2018, USA

Magazins “the occasional”:
You’ve never seen a record brush like this, and now, you’re never going to want to use anything else. These brushes are a beautiful confection of long cashmere bristles, set in stone or natural wood, and backed in brushed aluminum. Delightfully matching cases are available for an additional cost. Unlike most brushes, this one actually picks up the dust off the LP – and looks as amazing as it feels in the hand. You don’t need this, but you’re totally going to want it anyway. The only problem is actually wanting to put it down.



For the first time ever, levin design has submitted documents of its own developed product to the German Design Council, the German Design Council nominated the Gold | Silver Direct Cable as an Excellent Product Design for the German Design Award 2017.
Due to its many years of expertise and the strict nomination process, the German Design Council ensures that only the best products, their manufacturers and designers can participate in the German Design Award. 





Positiv Feedback „PF Brutus Award 2017“, USA

Earlier in the year, Michael Vamos of Audio Skies sent me a sample Record Cleaning Brush from Levin Designs in Europe. Handmade, craftsman-like in its execution, this is without a doubt the best record brush that I’ve ever used. Mine is crafted in Karelian Birch Maser, with goat hair attached via hand. It is a delight to look at and employ, believe me. It’s certainly the most effective record brush in my experience. There’s nothing else to say. This is the record cleaning brush for me! The Levin Design Record Cleaning Brush wins one of my Brutus Awards for 2017, and a „Ye Olde Editor’s Very Highest Recommendation!“ with pleasure.




EMI-the music store 08|2016

EMI-the music store on Kärntner Straße in Vienna, Austria honored our record cleaning brushes with „Unser Tipp“.








Stereo 02|2016 Award „Heaven’s Gate“

The Gold | Silber Direct Kabel was launched in early 2016 by the
Specialist magazine STEREO in the category of the world’s best cables
„Heaven’s Gate“ classified for function and sound.