high tech tonearm / titanium carbon

For physical reasons, the tone arm from levin design is a sandwich construction of titanium carbon with a wobble-free carbon-ceramic shell bearing in a tungsten/copper housing. The counterweight is also made of tungsten/copper.

This medium-weight tonearm is through-wired with Solidcore silver.

The high-tech tonearm has already been enthusiastically equipped with many cartridge systems:
-Audio Technica: AT20 SLA**
-Ana Mighty Sound: Sculpture A*
-Benz: Gold*
-Dynavector: DV-20X2L*, Te Kaitora Rua*
-Koetzu; Black* and Rosewood*
-Ortofon: SPU 40th Anniversary ATR Edition*
-Phasemation: PP-300* and P-3*
-Shelter: 301 II*
-Transrotor: Figaro*
– van den Hul: Colibri*, DD-20*, Grashopper*

*MC System | **MM System

Levin Design does offer the 9 inch length, but favors 12 and 15 inches, as these tonearm lengths are very close to tangential scanning. Note that the shorter the tonearm, the greater the tracking error angle.

If you are interested in our product, please contact us at info@levinmarketing.de or call us at tel. no. : +49-(0)212 – 289203-12.

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