RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cable

For cabling from preamplifiers to power amplifiers or signal generators to preamplifiers.

To achieve a high quality reproduction of the sound chain levin design has developed a new RCA connector made of lightweight carbon with a RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cable. This Direct Cable SerĂ­e has made it directly into the world’s best category „Heaven’s Gate“ according to Stereo (02|2016) and is awarded with the German Design Award Special 2017.
The advantage of this RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cable: it has pure sterling silver contacts with a balanced cable construction that leads the Gold | Silver solidcore inner conductors directly to the RCA jacks/contacts of the connected audio end devices.

This RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cable thus prevents signal distortion by avoiding that signals are routed through different materials within the cable construction.

levin design manufactures this Gold | Silver Direct Cinch Cable by hand. It can be assembled in different lengths on customer request.

The Gold | Silver Direct Cable is available in the
diameter: 0,5 as:
– Cinch Cable
– phono cable

If you are interested in our product, please contact us at info@levinmarketing.de or call us at tel. no. : +49-(0)212 – 289203-12.

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