ta_brush / stylus brush

Each cartridge can be gently dusted with the ta-brush by lightly stroking the ta_brush over the cartridge from behind, without risk of damage. This ta-brush has Chinese goat hair and forms a cleaning surface due to the high number and density of the hairs, so that the needle is not stressed during cleaning. It is again made in the old brush making tradition, has a total length of 4cm and a matching holder for storage in a simple design to match the record cleaning brushes from levin design.

It is available in:
– Plastic, black with aluminum strip
– pear wood, reddish with aluminum strip
– karelian burl birch, light with aluminum strip
– walnut, dark with aluminum strip
– Tuja/rootwood, dark with aluminum trim
– bog oak, dark with aluminum trim

If you are interested in our product, please contact us at info@levinmarketing.de or call us at tel. no. : +49-(0)212 – 289203-12.

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