Exclusive high tec sandwich vinyl mat

levin design has developed a new vinyl mat. The underside is made of anti-static High Tec material, the middle layer of a resonance-minimizing material and the top of high quality nappa leather. The anti-static High Tec base is at the same time the dust-proof top when no vinyl records are running. As soon as records are to be played, the vinyl mat support is turned around and thus no dust on the high-quality cowhide nappa leather side when playing.
The plate support has a height of 2.5mm, so that the tonearm height / VTA does not necessarily have to be adjusted. The diameter is 29.5cm and thus usable for all popular record players. Particularly suitable the vinyl mat support for mass turntable such as Acoustic Signature, Acoustic Solid EAT, Transrotor, VPI, etc.
The beef nappa plates are available in the following versions: yellow, red, blue and black.

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