NF/Phono cabel silver solidcore

NF/Phono Cable Silver Solidcore is for cabling signal generators (e.g. tonearms, CD, DVD, Blue Ray players) to preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, phono preamplifiers and power amplifiers.

Solidcore silver cables for optimal signal transmission.

levin design handcrafts the high-precision Solidcore silver cables in various diameters and colors according to customer specifications. To achieve optimal signal transmission, the Teflon-insulated Solidcore silver cables are assembled with various high-quality audio connectors:
– Cardas, for example, for SME tonearm cabling.
– Furutech, WBT and Eichmann bullet plugs are preferred for
RCA and RCA to phono cable / tonearm cabling.
The Solidcore cables are available in diameters:
NF 0.5 mm
Phono 0,2 mm
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