record cleaning brush

record cleaning brush

levin design has designed a record cleaning brush after a 
long product study. The handle of the brush is handmade 
of a combination of different material (technical plastic or
bog oak), aluminiumpanek and chinese goat hair 
or horse hair. The brushes are produced using traditional 
Brush Manufacturer methods. 
All brushes are anti-static and have a linear dimension 
approximately 16cm.

The brushes are available in different versions:
- technical plastic with goat hair for dry cleaning / only dust 
- technical plastic with horse hair for wet cleaning
  (using with record cleaning machine for example Loricraft, Okki Nokki) 

- bog oak wit goat hair for dry cleaning / only dust 
- bog oak with horse hair for wet cleaning 

If you are interested in our products, please send us a mail to: 

Link to the video post: manual instruction
Link to pres publication: STEREO MAGAZINE International 


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