Resonance Absorber

The newly developed resonance absorbers consist of a solid aluminum block and a spring-loaded, damped positive spike. This design is used to couple hi-fi components, such as record players, amplifiers, power amplifiers, etc. or speakers and decouple the floor or hi-fi rack. Particularly suitable for floors and hi-fi racks that are prone to vibrations. They immediately absorb the impact sound / vibration.

The special feature of the resonance absorbers is the functional concept, which is similar to that of a shock absorber, the springs are combined with a damping element in the aluminum base, which serves to stabilize and balance.

93mm high
60mm diameter
333gr. Weight

Maximum weight for a set of 4 is about 80kg.

The resonance absorbers can be used on both sides, i.e. spikes pointing up or down. For a stable positioning, the resonance absorbers can be screwed to the floor for heavy speakers.