RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cable

RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cable

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To achieve a high quality reproduction of the sound chain has levin design a new RCA plug developed of lightweight carbon fiver with RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cable. The advantage of this RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cable: It has pure silver contats with a symmentrical cable, which the RCA Gold | Silver Cable prevents signal distortion because avoids the signals are routed within the cable structure by various materials. The direct cable series is directly into the world's leading category "Heaven's Gate" classified (Stereo issue 02|2016).

These RCA Gold | Silver Direct Cables are manufactured in handmade by levin design.
The gold | silver direct RCA cable is available in the Diameter: 0.5 mm.

For further details, please contact us: info@levinmarketing.de

Link to awards: German Design Award Sprecial 2017 



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